After a quick stop at the Inn for preparation, with Arabella recieving a new tongues spell, and Thronus being bound (loosely) by Iggy, the party were re-escorted to the Fane of Lolth by the Temple Guards, and brought back to the High Priestess’ chamber. In the Priestess’ room, before Thronus could be bound to the well-used manacles attached to the wall, he slipped his bonds, much to the surprise of the High Preistess, and cast a spell of silence, before Arabella unleashed a flurry of strikes with her sword, scoring a glancing blow across the Priestess’ shoulder.

Seeing Arabella launch her first strike, and seeing (or rather hearing) the lack of sound coming from the chamber, Ado launched himself between the two Temple Guards, and whilst moving, enraged himself into his bear-form and attacked the Preistess, grabbing her and wrestling her to the ground in order to further incapacitate the Preistess, and make even more difficult to cast any spells. With the Priestess held, both Ado and Arabella proceeded to attack Priestess, eventually bringing her down.

Across the chamber, near it’s entrance, Gaarbunn and Iggy, and later with the help of Thronus, fought the temple guards, with Gaarbunn notably piercing the shield of one of the Tower Guards before stabbing himself in the foot, and with Iggy successfully breaching the dark elves innate ability to resist magic, to freeze him in place with a hold spell.

Once the guards and the Preistess had been killed, Arabella told Ado to throw the Priestess out of the window to make a statement to the city of Nar’Gatha, and used her gifted feather token to send a short message to Astrath Qandro, telling him that the position of High Preistess has just opened up to applicants.

Unfortunately, trying to throw the dead High Priestess out of the window allowed several things to occur. Firstly, that Lolth had returned her to life because of a death pact, meant that she had only died for a couple of seconds, and secondly, she was able to subtly cast a spell once she was brought free from the area of the silence. The spell she cast was a good one, a powerful conjuration that swapped her body for that of a Hezrou, a toad-like demon from the lower levels of the Abyss. This demon had the upper hand for a few moments, the dreadful stench of it’s foul plane of existance leaking into the material world with it, causing most of the party to get nauseous. Eventually steeling themeselves against the stench, both Ado (now returned to his human form) and Gaarbunn, each with a blessed weapon, waded into melee with it, while Iggy and Arabella pelted it from range with bleesed arrows and magical boulders, respectively.

The demon fell quickly, unable to cope with the holiness of the teams attacks, and fled to the back to the Abyss, it’s body sucked into a black hole with a loud “plopping” sound, and the High Priestess appeared in the demon’s place. The party then attacked the returned and healed Priestess, although Gaarbunn was the only one able to effectively hurt her, as the Priestess had used her time in the Abyss well, not only healing herself, but reinforcing her defences, even going as far as to turn her body to stone!

Alas, this was not enough, as the Priestess, now surrounded by foes, quickly fell, her mind-attacking spells apparently no match for the wills of Garrbunn and Ado. This time, when she died, the party made sure of it, while Thronus threw all the valuables into the party’s bag of holding, including the Axe of Navauk, a powerful dwarvencraft waraxe, as well as a deep red and black suit of scale mail, a silver breastplate with golden feathers engraved on it, a black morningstar forged from a single piece of steel, a shortbow with jade inlays, a sickle whose blade bears an image of a thunderstorm, a wickedly sharp greatsword, with a saw-like blade and stained with blood, and a magnificently jewelled longsword, whose crosspiece looked like a pair of griffon heads.

Re-tying up Thronus, throwing him over Ado shoulders, the party quickly and calmly left the Fane, although they had some issues leaving, as Arabella activated the lift’s controls, she had to jump onto the platform, making it swing like a pendulum, neatly throwing off Iggy and Ado (with Thronus) and a few seconds later, followed by Arabella and Gaarbunn.

Marching away from the temple (and the red splat that was the High Preistess), the party headed for the Slums of Nar’Gatha, avoiding the sudden outbreak of interhouse war, started by the Qandro, who already had much of their forces mobilized.

Reaching the Slums, the party showed off the Axe of Navauk, and were quickly hidden by the dwarven slaves, who told the party to rest, whilst they started a revolt in the Slums, with a view to reaching the forges and fully arming themselves (and the other slaves, although that was somewhat a reluctant bargin made with the party). When the dwarves left, Ado and Iggy went to the run-down tavern that Ado had visited the night before, and managed to rouse the drunken gladiators to cries of “Freedom!” and “Revolution!”, before Ado and Iggy, (barely) made it back to the safety of the dwarven hovel to rest.


Hedron Hedron

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