Chaos has it's charms

After securing lodgings for themselves at a suitably lavish Inn, the party decided on a course of action to get more info about the city and it’s ruler, the High Priestess of the Inner Fane of Lolth. Deciding that having Gaarbunn and Ado go into the arena as master and gladiator save would get info from the lower class of the town, the pair set off to the arena, whilst Iggy and Arabella discussed the questions that they would ask of Ehlonna via Thronus in the “morning”.

At the arena, Gaarbunn entered Ado in the “team vs. monster” event, managing to get Ado, (after a very quick examination), onto the team fielded by House Qandro, the same house that they suspect that the helpful mage at the gate belonged to. In order to seem like a typical bored drow noble, Garrbunn placed a 2,500gp bet on the House Qandro team to win, and sat with Master Qandro (who gave no other name), and tried to ask him and his retainers questions about the state of the city. All Gaarbunn was able to gleam was that Master Qandro wanted to buy Ado from him for a ridiculos price once Ado and House Qandro’s team quickly slew a armored fire giant, though there was a glint in his eye when Garrbunn mentioned that his mistress was interested in sowing Chaos in Nar’Gatha by… changing the ruling situation.

Mighty pleased with his victory, Ado managed to get himself invited to a slave/gladiator tavern later that night, and got himself involved in the fledgling resistance, and told that if he could aquire for the slaves enough weapons (to fit out the dwarves and the gladiators, soem 3,000 slaves), they would help take the city, starting with the forge and market districts.

Upon reporting this to the party, the group cast their divination and commune spells to gather some intel on the High Preistess and her minons. Most of what they learned would soon come into play as the High Priestess, via her Temple Guards summoned Arabella to the Fane of Lolth in order to present her with her gift.

Upon entering the chamber of the High Preistess, Arabella quickly identified the Axe of Navauk hanging on the priestess’s wall, and proceeded to negotiate her presentation of her gift, Thronus. After reaching an accord, the Arabella was marched back to her Inn, where she instructed the others on what to do, with both her and Garrbunn recieving “boosts” to their tongues spells, and with the party calling upon Iggy to bind Thronus (and hide his holy symbol) so he would be able to cast a silence spell at the opportune moment.


Hedron Hedron

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