More Magma

Finally, as the mist of the drow’s misty spell disipated, the party were interupted by a loud banging at the door. When Ado, who was closest to the door, opened it, he was barreled aside by several of Marash Castle’s guard, whom asked the party what was going on. When the party related to the guards what had happened, the guards (after allowing Arabella to find her pants), quickly took them to see the residing High Lords, whom were not impressed to be woken early by reports of a fight inside their walls, less so when they were told that the assailents were drow.

Mightily upset by this news, the party were instructed to visit their estates, while the High Lords consulted their various oracles and diviners.

During the time that the party were away from Marash, they visited their respective lands, settling in their various groups of refugees from the drow city of Nar’Gatha. After touring all their respective lands, the party returned to Marash, where the High Lords informed the party that they needed to recover the orb of travelling, a powerful artifact that allows travel between the planes with greater accuracy than what is normally achievable with such spells.

Travelling south to the very tip of the Spellmist mountains, via a ship then camels, where they searched the base of the mountains for a cave. Finding the cave, they turned their camels loose, then entered the cave, and after a short distance of travelling through the cave, they came to a pair of massive bronze doors, carved in an elaborate and ancient style, resembling that of huge dragons. Pushing the doors open, which was easy as the doors moved on concealed runners, revealing a awesome sight.

Stretching out in front of the party was a huge bridge, without any walls and very narrow, arcing out over a huge, magma filled gorge, constantly being filled by two huge magmafalls. On the far side of the bridge, the party could make out several figures and towers, protecting the approach to that side.

Seeing the forces arrayed against them, the Garrbunn ran to the middle of the arcing bridge, only to discover that someone had poured oil all over the middle portion of the span, making it hard, but no difficult to cross. This changed, when several archers on the top of the towers began to fire arrows at Gaarbunn and the rest of the party. Thinking quickly, Iggy unleashed a mass fly spell, enabling the party to move across the chasm easily, without fear of falling into the boiling hot magma. Led by Gaarbunn, Ado ran across the bridge, and whilst Gaarbunn engaged the spear fighters, Ado launched himself at the troops commander, a massive minotaur. Ado was surprised when his first swing missed, and shocked when the second swing, a blow that might have felled a lesser foe, the minotaur pushed aside with his palm. Both Ado and Gaarbunn launched themselves at the minotaur, fending off attacks from the spear wielding creatures, which now Ado and Garrbunn were closer now, appeared to be some sort of dark-scaled humanoids. Fighting hard, and Ado resorting to his bear form, and a little assistance from Iggy’s spells, the minotaur finally fell, with Ado leaping up to the nearest archer nest to deal with the bowman, and Garrbunn finishing up the spear fighters. Unfortunately, during Ado and Gaarbunn’s respective fights, Iggy and Arabella were subject to lots of arrows from the entrenched archers, one arrow, a mighty shot, nearly killed Arabella, but fortunately, Thronus, always on standby, flew forward and managed to keep Arabella from the heavens.

Finally, the last archer, seeing his companions cut down, threw something to the ground, and in a flash of blue light, vanished from the party’s sight. Exhausted, partially from the heat and partially from the epic battle, the party are catching their breath, before exploring more of this fantastic site.


Hedron Hedron

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