After having a mostly restful sleep in the hovel of a friendly dwarven matron, the party got up an prepared themselves for what was probably going to be a massive fight to escape the city. The party quickly moved to the gatehouse by which they had entered Nar’Gatha, pushing their way through the throng of gladitorial and dwarven slaves, all which had armed themselves from the market district of the city, and who were acting as a rear guard for the few warriors at the gates themselves.

Reaching the gate, the party found a drow wizard blasting away at the cover that several dwarves and gladiatos were using as cover, protected by several drow fighters. Seeing the arrival of Ado, the gladiators rallied to him, whilst Iggy headed for the dwarven fighters to support them, with Gaarbunn and Arabella moving into cover against one of the buildings, and Thronus moving to assist Ado.

After unleashing several spells at the wizard, and only inflicting minor damage, due to the drow’s innate resistance to magic, the wizard reached to his neck and grasped an amulet, and without warning, the entire side of gatehouse, the portion just above the gates themselves, came to life as a gargantuan spider, which covered the drow for a few moments from Arabella’s lighting storm, before stomping off to intercept Gaarbunn, who, after surviving part of the building he was using for cover collapsing on him, and recieving a spider climb spell from Arabella, had climbed onto the roof of said building in order to pounce on the massive construct.

A few moments later, after Gaarbunn had leapt onto the spider, and the drow wizard was taken out, both the dwarves, aided by Iggy, and the gladiators, led by Ado, rushed the remaining drow at the gates, with only a single gladiator falling to the spider’s venomous bite, his strength drained from him. The dwarves, using their typical wedge formation, quickly dispatched the drow warriors, and the leader of the dwarves, Hedin Ordak, threw the wizard’s amulet to Iggy, before he and his dwarves began the task of forcing the gates open.

With Ado, Gaarbunn, Arabella and most of the gladiatorial force fighting the spider, and barely scratching it (apart from Garrbunn, with his adamantine sword), Iggy tried to use the control amulet to halt the beast. He did so, briefly, allowing the other members of the party to attack and move around the spider to the best positions without fear of being hit, and, with Ado, now buffed by Thronus and in his mighty bear form, did what most children do: he proceeded to rip the legs of the spider, well leg, and in doing so, broke open one of the magical conduits inside the construct, spewing brightly coloured magical energy, rendering the massive spider a rather interesting sculpture.

With the death of the spider, the dwarves managed to break the gathouse doors open, and with the party and the gladiators, they fled the city of Nar’Gatha for the safety of Ordak Hall, some 15 days away. Thankfully, due to the size of the group leaving Nar’Gatha, some 1,800 dwarves and 2,000 gladiator slaves, they were left alone in the underdark, until they finally reached Ordak Hall.

At Ordak Hall, the party were welcomed back as heros, and a huge banquet was arranged, with much drinking of dwarven ales, and the banquet lasted several days, and the hangovers a few more. As a reward to the party, they were all named dwarfriend, rewarded with several very nice gemstones, and told if they needed any aid, either building, forging or fighting, to call on them. Leaving the dwarven Hall, and moving quickly through the underdark to an exit cave near Marash, the party managed to beat the worst of the winter weather, arriving, with their force of gladiators, on Last Day, the final day of 1100(7).

The next day, being the first of a new year (1.1.1101(7)), the city of Marash bestowed it’s new year honors, the party, having successfully stopped the dark elf threat on Marash, were mentioned, and each was named to a Barony. Thronus became the Baron of Lightdell, a small settlement on the edge of the Starwood, to the south of Marash. Iggy was named Baron of Corcliff, a coastal town, again to the south of Marash. Iggy’s neighbour would be Arabella, just a days journey to the North, who was named Baroness of the Oldshore Coast, and bridging the gap between Thronus’ new domain, Arabella’s new domain and Iggy’s new domain, were the new domains of Ado, who was named Baron of Griffenbarrow and Garrbunn, named Baron of the Snowplain.

The party is now in Marash, debating the splitting of the gladiators into their new holdings, and planning their next move, after Ado informed them of some disturbing information he recieved from Moiria….


Hedron Hedron

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