The End, Part 1

A narrative tale of the end of the campaign

After resting for a short time, the party continued down into the depths of the dungeon, following a long twisting dark stone passage until they exited onto a ledge at the edge of a fantastic cavern. The cavern was simply immense, almost a mile long, and filled with sunlight and jungle. Gaping at the impossibility of it, the party moved to the edge of the ledge and descended down the narrow and winding path cut into the rock. Reaching the bottom, the party had to hack their way through the dense vegetation, in the process disturbing a group of dark furred and horned dire apes. These fiendish apes attacked the party, hooting war cries, and were met by the blades and spells of the party.
The party, now veterans, quickly dispatched the gang of dire apes, taking only minor wounds. They then proceeded to the far side of the cavern, where they found a heavily carved stone structure, the size of a large house, covered in creepers and vines. Pulling away the plants, the party found that the carvings, while worn, depicted huge dragons, much larger that any the party had encountered, flying out of a hole in the sky. Leaving the beauty of the entrance behind them, the party entered the structure, and narrowly avoiding several traps, including a nasty pendulum trap over a false floor of quicksand.
Exhausted after negotiating the traps, the party staggered into a round chamber, supported by four pillars, each a different colour, one yellow, one green, one gray, and one black, surrounding a dazzling altar, apparently made from a single massive diamond. On top of the altar, upon a jewel-studded velvet pillow, rested a clear glass orb. Approaching the orb, Arabella, noticed that the orb was not in fact clear, but was rather finely engraved with runes, so close together and so precise that the orb, from a distance appeared clear. Ensuring that the rest of the party were ready to either run or fight, Arabella reached out and pulled the orb from the pillow.
As she did so, beams of energy flashed out from the surrounding pillars, in colours of purest yellow, green, gray and black, striking the orb and flooding the chamber with an incredible display of cycling colours.
When the beams ceased, the orb, now filled with a roiling display of colours and light, pulsed with a clear white light, momentarily blinding the party. When the group could see again, they each felt much stronger and more capable.
Carefully placing the orb into Ado’s bag of holding, the party left the temple, travelled quickly back through the traps and the jungle, climbed the cliff path, travelled the obsidian tunnel, and exited into the magma filled entrance chamber. There, across the narrow stone bridge, the huge entry doors slammed shut, and a further huge piece of stone slid from the ceiling down to cover the doors. This stone then became shrouded in mist, seemingly able to exist despite the incredible heat of the magma. As the party prepared to cross the bridge, then deal with the door, the magma itself seemed to come alive, and formed itself into an Ember Guard, with several magma golems in support.
What ensued was a truly epic battle, with spells being thrown, shapes changed and war cries yelled. Iggy and Thronus dealt quickly with the magma golems, pelting them with spells of cold, while Ado and Gaarbunn hacked their way into the Ember Guard, with Arabella providing assistance with whichever team needed it.
After destroying the constructs, and with all the party suffering from burns and scalds, they approached the door, and spent several hours figuring out how to open the door. Eventually, they got it open, and, using several of Thronus’ air walk spells, they made their way quickly towards Marash.
On the second day of their travels, before Thronus could cast his spells, the party were attacked by a half dozen of the black-scaled creatures they had faced in the entry chamber to the cave they had just left, who glided down from the back of a huge black dragon, who opened proceedings with a huge blast of acid. The party, grounded, had little trouble dealing with the ground forces, but struggled against their airbourne foe, who consistently circled the party and bombarded them from above with acid breath and spells. Eventually Arabella, Thronus and Iggy managed to force the dragon to the ground using magic to damage it’s wings, and once the dragon was on the ground, with Ado and Gaarbunn joining in, they made short work of the beast.
After a brief rest, the party continued on to Marash, and as they approached the city, found that the city and been surrounded by land and sea by hordes of orcs, goblins and ogres. Thankfully, due the magic of Thronus, the party managed to land on top of Marash Castle, and were escorted to face the High Lords.


Hedron Hedron

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