There be dwarves

After resting in Thengir Hall, the party debated where to go next. Deciding that their priority was to sort the drow out, the party using their new compass, pushed on through the tunnels to the south-west of the hall, and continued through from the relative calm of the tunnels near the settled areas near Thengir Hall, and entered the true Wilds.

Not too long into their journey, the party fought a trio of trolls. Thanks to the enhancements of Iggy and the slicey-dicey of Ado and Gaarbunn, the regenerating monsters quickly fell. The party continued onward, having another brief encounter, this time from a group of wraiths, which, by invoking the power of Ehlonna, Thronus banished.

The only spot of bother the party had was when they entered a large cave, inhabited by a Yrthak, a sound sensing beast that launched sonic energy at the party, while remaining out of reach of the partys’ darkvision range, until Thronus called upon the power of his heritage and summoned a sphere of light onto a nearby stalacmite. The beast, sensing from the party’s movement (and the spells being thrown it’s way) that it could be seen, swooped down and snatched Ado from among his companions and flew off with him, eventually reaching the heart of the Spellmist.

After a few minutes, Ado was able to struggle free and leap to safety in a nearby snowdrift. Joined shortly afterward by a amused Arabella, the pair hiked back to the cave which they had recently flew from, and descended back through the tunnel to the rest of the party, who had a chuckle at Ado, before marching onwards.

A few days later, they encountered a dwarven patrol, much more battered looking than the dwarves of Thengir Hall, and were promptly semi-arrested for being crazy or suicidal. After meeting with the leader of this dwarven Hall, Lord Ordak, a combination of the two was decided upon for the partys status. After asking them to recover the Ancestral Weapon of the Ordak, a mighty dwarvencraft battleaxe, Lord Ordak wished the party well, although it was clear from his tone that he really doesn’t expect to see them again.


Hedron Hedron

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