Marash was founded in the 200 year of the 7th age, by a group of nomads who found the river mouth to be full of fish, and had space for grazing the nomad’s animals.

Marash was a fairly minor town on the eastern coast of Astorian, until late in the 450 year of the 7th age, the town was razed to the ground by a warband of Orcs, led by the now legendary (to Orcs) Grunc Bloodeye. The survivors of the town (not many), fled north to the fledging town of Hezporia, where the survivors were absorbed into the population.

It was another 150 years in 600(7) that the area was purged of the orcs and Marash re-settled. This time, being wary of the tribes of orcs that lived in the nearby Spellmist Mountains, the founders of Second Marash heavily fortified the town, and formed a crack group of militia, that later developed into one of the most feared and respected military forces in Astorian.

The town continued to grow, and by the current year (1100(7)) it is now a packed city of some 32,000 sentients, mostly human, and ruled over by the six High Lords, a hereditary title that the adventurers that defeated the Orcs gave themselves at the founding of Marash.

In 1095(7), one of the High Lords lines died out, and so elections were held by the surviving High Lords to select a replacement. The elected replacement was Ragnar Dragonhide, a well-spoken warrior who had secured Marash’s boundaries against orcish incursions with his group of soldiers, the Dragonskins.

On 16.7.1100(7), Lord Ragnar was exposed as a Drow infiltrator by a group of adventurers seeking answers to the razing of Unngaar. The remaining High Lords are in the process of filling the remaining seat, being far more wary of who they select.


The rule of the High Lords is balanced by the influence of two groups, the Marshal of Marash, the highest ranked warrior in the city, and by the Blade of Hieronious, the head of the main religion in Marash.

The current High Lords are: Lady Elbeth Riandath, Lord Farg Houns, Lord Timet Yandor, Lady Ila Ganra, Lady Damra Undar, Lord Ragnar Dragonhide, though the seat that formerly belonged to Ragnar has been emptied, and is waiting for the other High Lords to elect someone to the chair. The Marshal of Marash is Cormag Brindlestack, and the current Blade of Hieronious is Handar Peregrin.


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