Cash 'n Cave

After spending a day in Marash to recieve encantments and to do some shopping, the party first decided to head to the nearby mining town of Saragras, which they had passed through previously with the Old One.

Seeking out the factor of the mine there, the party negotiated for a good price on the vein of platinum that they had discovered in the beholders cave. For a while, the Factor wouldn’t pay more than 15,000gp for the location, until Iggy brought his considerable musical talents to the conversation, planting a suggestion that 25,000gp for the vein would be more reasonably. Taking the word of the bard in, the Factor agreed to 20,000gp, with a bonus that Caratra, the foreperson that he would send with them, would pay if she thought that the vein was worth the full 25,000.

Escorting Caratra back to Marash, with a view to buy passage on a ship back to Lake’s View, the party was attacked by an Elder Earth Elemental, that appeared from nowhere. With it’s supernatural strength blunted by a strength draining spell from Thronus, the party were easily able to handle the massive elemental, although as the force left the earthen form, the remains fell on top of the party, with most dodging out of the way of the impacting weight and the subsequent dust cloud.

Returning to Marash, the party quickly found a ship heading north, and boarded the saucy sow, a trading vessel, and spent a few weeks traveling to Lake’s View.

Upon arriving in Lake’s View, the party crossed the lake, and quickly headed for the beholder’s cave. At the cave, the party showed Caratra the vein of platinum, and gave the party the agreed upon value of 20,000gp in gems, as well as the bonus amount of 5,000gp (also in gems), before reading from a scroll and magicing herself back to Saragras.

The party then went spelunking, getting turned around once or twice before reaching what appeared to be a barricaded and fortified cavern. In this cavern, they were attacked by a group of Xorn, and during the fight, Ado discovered a Spear of dwarves, guarding the barricade.

Once the rest of the party finished off the Xorn, they quickly negotiated with the dwarven Spearwielder, and with a conversation of “Take me to your leader” the party was escorted through adamantine reinforced tunnels to Thengir Hall, home of Clan Thengir. They were presented to the clan chief, Durnak Thengir, who, apart from having a passionate hatred of elves, aided the party by allowing them to purchase adamantine weapons from the clan, as well as gifting the party with a Lokston, a dwarven compass that allows the user to find north whilst underground. The party was also shown the dwarven route to the surface, with exited into the western ranges of the Spellmist, not more than two weeks march to Raston, a small city during good conditions. However, as the season is turning from late summer into early autumn, the storms that come off the western range of the Spellmist can be deadly.

The party is now debating, in the safety of Thengir Hall their path…


Hedron Hedron

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