Drow, Drow, Drow, Drow, Bodak

After making a plan of entry for the upcoming drow city, the party left the safety of Ordak Hall and began on their 10-day journey to the drow city of Nar’Gatha. The first day went well, with both Arabella and Garrbunn getting used to their disguises that they would use in order to enter the city, with some help from the knowledge of Iggy.

On the second day of their travels, the party encountered a group of drow, travelling in the same direction that they were themselves going. The group of drow challenged the party, however, they did it in a tongue that none of the party understood. Fearing that they would be found out, (especially as they had a Aasimar free and armed amongst them), the party launched a premptive strike against the newcomers, quickly silencing several of the drow, although one managed to escape, his flight didn’t last long, as Ado, in bear form, charged after the drow and brought him down a short distance away.

Deciding that the drow’s gear would aid in their disguises, the party appropiated sevearal items and packed the rest into Ado’s bag of holding, before continuing on their journey.

A couple of day’s later, the party were nicely surprised by a pair of bodak, who’s fearsome gazes were nearly the end of Iggy, but the party, despite their weapons bouncing off the bodaks tough skin, they eventually killed the undead.

A few days later, the party approached one of the gates into Nar’Gatha, and quicly bound stripped and bound Thronus, in order to pass him off as a prisoner, which the the assumed identity’s that the party put together were going to offer to the High Priestess of the Fane of Lolth.

Approaching the gate, the party were in awe of the detailed stone work of the massive gatehouse, and by the way the reliefs and valleys of the huge spider scuplture were picked out in faerie fire. Entering the gatehouse, the party were questioned by the clerk there, and Arabella, playing the part of an insulted noble female, neatly choked and intimidated the clerk in order to be allowed entry into the city.

Arabella, tipped the noble gate captain with a magnificent gem, and in exchange, the drow slipped her a feather token, and his name, “Astrath”, just in case.

The party now stands inside the city, near the gatehouse, wondering what to do next


Hedron Hedron

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