I see the darkness

After killing the beholder, the most of the party rested, whilst Arabella disected the corpse (as is her want) and Ado explored some more of the cave complex. Deciding to look in the big tunnel across from the party’s cave first, he attempted to jump the 25ft gap, missing by a scant 2 ft, and plummeted to the floor of the shaft. Picking himself up and dusting down, Ado decided to explore the tunnnel at the base of the shaft, as he was there. Exploring the tunnels, he found more of the beholders loot, several gems, a pair of magic boots and a tainted longsword.

Placing all these items inside his bag of holding, Ado climbed to the next tunnel, and discovered the beholders sleeping chamber, and once again tried to leap across to the large tunnel, missing again. After bellowing for his fellow adventurers to lower a rope, Ado climbed up to the party’s cave, and rested.

In the morning, using Arabella’s now famous (to the party), stone shaping skills they hooked up a line across the width of the shaft, and the party shimmied across to the large tunnel, moving down it. After travelling for a long time, with the corridor remaining a single tunnel, the party found a rich vein of platinum running down the tunnels wall. Marking it’s location for later, the party decided that this tunnel, probably led into the Underdark, and was not best explored with their current equipment.

Returning to the surface, the party headed back to Lake’s View. Without a boat nearby to ferry them across the lake, Arabella turned into a bird and flew across to the town, and procured the services of Oll Jon.

During the night, whilst Arabella was resting in the eaves of the Old Jon’s house (as a possum), the rest of the company was attacked by a gray render. A brief battle occured, with Ado twice pulling his head from the mouth of the beast, until Gaarbunn impaled it through it’s kidney, slaying it.

Upon the dawn, the party was picked up by Arabella and the Old Jon, Arabella being annoyed at missing out on the fun, pulled a dagger and lept into the corpse of the grey render, disecting it as she had so many monsters before, leaving the party to cross the lake back to town with Old Jon.

Negotiating passage back to Marash via two ships, the party returned to the six-fingered tower of Jimmy the Wizard, to get their magical items identified. The party were shocked to find out that blue-liquor drinking Jimmy had passed on, but another wizard in the tower, red-liquid drinking Jimmy helped the party out, identifing the boots as boots of striding and springing and the longsword as Nefendet, an evil sword that he suggested that the party be rid of quickly.

Concerned that they may not get the darkvision enchantments promised them, they asked red Jimmy about getting him to enchant them. After failing to realise that the party hadn’t actually paid blue Jimmy for the service, he told them to return in the morning once he had a chance to prepare the required spells.

Deciding to use their time in Marash to do some shopping, they first paid a visit to Baroaen, to keep their end of the deal with the gnome. Baroaen met with the party in the same dilapidated tavern they found him in before, and took, as his share, Nefendet, the spellbooks and some of the gems that the party had found in the beholder’s cavern.

Armed with some cash, the party plans on spending a short time in Marash to re-supply, and to recieve the darkvision enchantment from red Jimmy.


Hedron Hedron

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