The party, after resting in Marash, had Thronus cast some air walk spells to speed them quickly to the site of the Old One’s laboratory, to the confluence of magical energies in order for Iggy to think about his past, his future and the present. Before Iggy could prepare the area for him to mediate on these things, a massive Ember Guard, a creature from the lower plains, pulled itself from the lake of molten magma, and proceeded to attack the party.

The party, at first unable to damage the creature in any way, slowly overcame it’s resistance to damage, and eventually sent the creature bcak to the hell from which it came. The area, now mostly safe, was now ideal for Iggy to perform his mediatations, and after a few hours, the soul of Iggy was back in alignment.

After resting for a few hours for Thronus to recover his spells, the party air walked back to Marash, where they took up residence (for the moment), in Marash’s castle, where, after arranging the supplies south for their new holdings, they took to their beds.

In the morning, as the party left there rooms, they were attacked by drow ninjas. Iggy, being the only one not surprised, managed to defend himself from the attacking drow, but Arabella, Ado and Gaarbunn were all struck at some point by the drow, and in Arabella’s case, by a concealed assassin. The subsequent few seconds passed quickly, with both Gaarbunn and Ado taking down their opponents quickly, and moving to assist the others, a task made more difficult by the ninjas ghost stepping every few seconds to throw the party off. After the ninja were defeated and the assassin badly injured, the assassin faded from sight, and filled the room with a magical fog, which allowed the assassin to heal, and, to deal a near fatal… a serious wound… actually not badly hurt Arabella before stealing a hank of her hair and leaving a note in drow “Vengeance will be ours”.


Hedron Hedron

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